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CCJCC Maccabi Day 2 recap- Happy to be here & W.I.N.

CCJCC Maccabi – Happy to be here ……Day 2

As most of you already know we had a successful day on the court and as importantly off of the court

Host families of our kids continue to rave about how great it is to have them in their respective homes and be amazed at the amounts of food they happily supply that gets consumed

The focus I asked of the kids was based on what I call

WI.N which stands for What’s Important Now

Rather than worry abut the IF game ……”If this happens then we can do this” we tried to focus on what was most important NOW, what was in our control

The next pass

The next catch

Your response to mistakes whether your own or your teammate


My thought was to not worry about what’s past or potentially ahead simply focus on NOW, this moment, this play

To the credit of our guys who I continue to grow fonder of each day they bought in

Despite the final scores yesterday both games had tight moments at times; both teams tried to come back and aroused a great deal of emotion while doing so

Our timeouts were very focused on NOW

“Don’t worry about their emotion. Don’t get caught in it, focus on our next play”!

To their credit…they listened, they were coachable!

Great kids!

We are off today, Wednesday and it’s a help

A few guys are a bit banged up but should be fine for tomorrow

I hope you all hear what I see….kids having a blast, learning about the true meaning of YaChad and W.I.N,

Coach Barry

*What’s important now! (in honor of my friend Mike Gragnani)

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