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Watch the man in front of you, he tells you what to do!

Basketball is a Team Game

Basketball is a team game, it always was and it always will be, particularly at the highest levels and, as a result basketball (at it’s most effective) is a game of trust.

If I am going to pass you the ball:

  • I TRUST you’ll catch it
  • I TRUST you’ll pass it to somebody else or
  • I trust (minimally) that you’ll make a good decision that’s in the best interest of our team

If someone is open and didn’t get the ball the person who had the ball either didn’t see the open man or didn’t want to pass it to them. (Michael Jordan was on the receiving end of many passes)

An individual player might be responsible in some cases for winning a game but only TEAMS win championships………….we try to teach TEAM in everything we do.

This past week we began to work on the early stages of TEAM defense. This is a hard concept to teach (even to my high school teams at first) but, once again like everything else in basketball it’s a TEAM game and we will try to teach our players TEAM defense along with individual defense

If you have a chance, ask your son what “HELP’ defense is and if he could explain it to you.

One of my mentors (Stephen Covey) said that the best way to learn something is to teach it; if your son can begin to teach you any of what Coach Brian and I are trying to instill then we will know we are making an impact.

I know this concept of asking your son is a repetitive statement but please know also I’ll say it again and again……it’s the best barometer I know of.

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