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CCJCC Maccabi – Happy to be here…sad to be leaving these guys

Today was a tough day that was made tougher by some tough opponents and the pressure that surrounds tournament play.

It’s “only” Maccabi, it’s not life and death but it’s why we came and each of us felt the responsibility and the pressure to succeed… least I did,  I’m sure the guys did as well!

We did not win a Gold Medal today but we DID SUCCEED!

In the morning against a team from Orange County who we beat previously by 19 we ground out a win. Our offense was stagnate for a while then came to life for enough time to let out defense sustain us.

It wasn’t pretty but once again the guys responded to what had to be done and we were in the “Medal Round”

In my opinion the Miami game was the worst game we played this week in terms of energy, awareness, focus and execution.

Maybe it was fatigue, maybe it was expectation (we had beaten them previously by a significant margin) but at the end of the day it was Miami.

They were quicker to the ball then we were, they shot it better than we did and they made free throws when they had to……we did not, missing multiple shots, some of which were from point blank range and we missed 10 free throws.

That said and to the credit of these guys we didn’t quit; down 9 with 2:30 to go we mounted a furious comeback and had a chance to tie with 7 seconds to go…….Ry had a “3” rattle in then out and with it staying out were our chances of winning a “Gold”.

The boys were completely despondent, tears flowing as we went off to a classroom at the facility to discuss what had just happened and (in my mind) more importantly now what lied ahead.

Within 2 hours we would be playing for a medal of another color, a Bronze which I very much wanted our kids to now have though was not sure they were ready to go get.

Details of what transpired in our meeting will remain up to them to share but again, to their credit they regained the necessary composure to bring a Bronze medal back to Contra Costa……

We rode Rylan and Zac’s hot hands for a while and whenever necessary Noah just put us on his back assisted on several occasions by Charlie; we also had a phenomenal team defensive effort when we needed to have one!

Though it could have been higher the week ended on a high note for this very special group of guys and a very gratified coach and Delegation Head

Thank you all for your support, thank you all for raising such wonderful, character laden young men…..there will be more to follow including a picture blog.

Megan was awesome in this, her first year as a Delegation Head and though we all need to thank her it’s already occurred by her complete joy getting to know and spend time with these fabulous boys!

We were graced today with the presence of a former CCJCC Maccabi alumni Jeremiah Kreisberg  (Sam’s older brother) now playing for Yale , as well as Joel and our remain faithful…….Alec Kobre (Rylan’s older brother), Kim Kobre, Uncle Barry, Josh Mandela and Sam’s aunt and Jeff Orlik who continues to amaze me with his ongoing commitment to add to the success of CCJCC Maccabi in any way possible.

Thanks to all of you so much!

YaChad from a sleepy coach in Springfield, Massachusetts

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