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JCC East Bay Maccabi basketball 2012 Day 1 recap

We won two games today

Quick recap
Defended well
Shared it well
Otherwise a. but out of sorts on offense
The guys are great and beginning to understand how important playing for one and other is to their success… which for me means being as good as they can be
We are struggling a bit in this regard but moving in the right direction
At the end of the day basketball is a team game and embracing that is not always easy
Today, Tuesday we play one game after a morning of community service with kids…..I LOVE THIS Maccabi tradition
Our kids are wonderful and drawing praise off of the court constantly from various folks….
You should all be proud of them for this, I really am proud to be their coach and thankful for the opportunity on all levels
Pictures forthcoming after today’s game and Say of Caring and sharing
P.S. Maccabi is in great shape here in the East Bay in the very capable hands of Sally and Michele!

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