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Playing for a medal with guys who already won….

We have had a few games against teams that we outplayed due to size in some instances but also due to effort and overall focus and yachadness (look it up in the Hebrew/Coach Barry dictionary)

Our game this afternoon was against the best team we’ve played thus far and your sons, our team played well, making some great adjustments defensively and led on the offensive side of the flow by four-year Maccabi veteran Noah Orlik

As cliche as this may sound you’d know it was accurate if you were here….and my team knows it to be true; we’re competing for a medal tomorrow but they have already won my heart

I have pushed them, I have prodded them, I have challenged them, I have praised them, I have hugged them and they have allowed me in to their respective lives knowing that a greater good was around the corner ….if not right in front of their respective noses.

Topping it off there has not been one adult, whether another Maccabi coach, a “host family” parent or parents here from our own delegation who hasn’t commented about the wonderful nature and warmth of these great kids, these wonderful guys!

Games come and go, some won, some lost….I ask kids to define themselves by their effort and make certain they embrace the spirit of YaChad so with that said they really have won beyond the scores.

Root for us today but give yourselves a “pat on the back” for parenting……none of us are perfect but I can assure you that from where I stand you’ve done well!

Happy and honored to be……

(Coach) Barry

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