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Recapping a Silver Medal, a Gold Medal and all the Gold that YaChad brings

My apologies for the tardiness of this recap post……I left my Houston hotel at 4 am on Friday the 10th and have not stopped moving since.
All is well that ends well but the trip to Philadelphia alone had its share of logistic challenges starting at the Houston airport where I came to be informed that my CA drivers license had expired.
This fortunately did not trap me in Houston but did trap me in a car rental agency in the bowels of Philly for 5 hours

Thursday, the 9th of August was one of the most amazing, emotional roller coaster days I can recall, which, from a score perspective is “old news” …….

We won our morning game against a very good, very well coached team from Phoenix providing us the opportunity to play for Gold against the perennial favorite LA Westside team.

We wound up losing that game several times over on one level, but, the guys refused to lose which made the scoreboard outcome incredibly emotional….a game and an experience I dare say we will all remember for many a year to come.

Our first loss in that game came when Parker went down to a knee injury after less than 3 minutes had been played, never to return!

Parker had been our “rock” around the rim, scoring, rebounding, defending etc. He had an amazing tournament and it was heartbreaking to watch his emotions when he realized that his final JCC Maccabi Games as a player were over…..his teammates battled on!

We were down early and getting blown out seemed possible; we were playing a very good team!

That said and as stated above though the guys refused to lose. We were tired, we were suffering the by-products of fatigue including a brief, a very, very brief moment of giving in to the excuses presented by the circumstances we faced BUT on we battled. (Earlier in the day we all shook hands and agreed that regardless of what happened in Game 1 and or Game 2 that day we would play 64 minutes of basketball that day…regardless of what came our way and honor their commitment they did!!!)

We tied it at half on a great in-bound play and finish by Sammy, we took the lead midway through the 3rd quarter on some great plays by all concerned, but, once again we were playing a terrific team who got hot from the 3 point line and we fell the slightest bit behind; we fought back, had to foul, hit some shots but ultimately we “seemed” out of time…….

Down 7 points with 5 seconds to go Noah shot a 3, got fouled, an ensuing technical foul was called on the other team and just like that Noah had 5 free throws with 3.9 seconds to play AND we would get the ball back!


On very tired legs, Noah and the sheer will that defines him made 4 of the 5 shots.
We called our last time out and I quickly drew up something that I later described as “not particularly¬†good”, but, Rylan, through his own significant will got a decent look at a shot that got a good piece of the rim….short by and inch, obviously not in, and, we had earned a bittersweet Silver Medal.

Last year in Springfield I told our team I’d rather win Bronze than Silver and this experience gave credence to that statement.

Our post game was filled with tears, emotional exchanges, hugging, handshakes and the true test of YaChad ……your sons, our team passed with flying colors!

Our huddle after the medal ceremony was one of the greatest places I’ve ever been in all of my days…..your sons shared so much of themselves with one and other in ways that will serve each of us in ways we’ve seen already and in more ways than we’ll all ever know.

Thank you Team JCC East Bay for contributing all that you have to our community and my life!
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