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Building Team Play From Individual Skills

This is a challenge at any age, for any level, professionals included. When working with 9-10 year olds it’s a true challenge.

I’ve always said that there are two reasons people don’t do things; they either don’t want to or they don’t know how.

The former is problematic, the later a challenge but one that drives a coach.

These guys certainly want to! They are all great kids but they simply don’t yet know how. Their skills are not yet developed enough and from a sheer developmental perspective they are not yet ready…………..not selfish, just not yet ready.

Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) states that humans have three levels of being.

1.Dependent (people getting your food, clothing etc for you as when you’re an infant)

2. Independent (able to get for yourself)

3. Interdependent (which he describes as the highest form of being – the stage where you are comfortable with yourself such that your able to share with others).

This is what we strive for in coaching, this is what drives me personally on the court and off in my “day job”…………creating/facilitating functionality.

Covey says that you must go through the stages of dependence , independence  and finally interdependence

Our guys are in stage #2 by the nature of their age so not being innately collaborative is not a character flaw it’s just where they are in their maturity.

Every pass we make, every screen we set, every time we help our teammate defend his man is a step toward their growth and understanding of team and it’s rewarding to see when it occurs.

We work on it daily and demand it be a part of what they do but when it doesn’t happen we simply point it out and move on………….trying to develop their individual skills to the point where they are comfortable enough with themselves and their ability that they’ll share with others moving forward.

It’s a great, fun challenging process that keeps me younger than I am and the opportunity to accept the challenge is a gift!

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