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Watch the man in front of you, he tells you what to do!

About……….Coach Carril’s 25 Little Things to Remember & Me

Motivation for this site came from the evolution of:

  • Many years of watching the game of basketball
  • Hoping to boil it down to some essence
  • Understanding technology enough to allow it to assist me in transmitting this “essence”

You can gain a great overview of my “essence” by reading below……

25 Little Things To Remember from, The Smart Take from the Strong, by Pete Carril

1. Every little thing counts. If not, why do it?
2. When closely guarded, do not go toward the ball. Go back-door.
3. Whenever you cut, look for a return pass.
4. When you commit to a cut (or back-door) do not stop and do not come back to the ball.
5. Bad shooters are always open.
6. On offense, move the defense.
7. Putting defensive pressure on the ball makes it harder for the other team to run an offense and gives your team a better chance to defend.
8. In a zone or any defense, when their five men guard your three men, look to throw cross-court passes.
9. Watch the man in front of you. He shows you what to do.
10. Keep your dribble. Use it when you are going to do something useful.
11. A pass is not a pass when it is made after you’ve tried to do everything else.
12. A good player knows what he is good at. He also knows what he is not good at and only does the former.
13. You want to be good at those things that happen a lot.
14. When the legs go, the heart and the head follow quickly behind.
15. Defense involves three things: courage, energy, intelligence.
16. If your teammate does not pass the ball to you when you’re open and he doesn’t say anything, then he did not see you. If he says “I’m sorry,” he saw you and did not want to throw you the ball.
17. In trying to learn to do a specific thing, the specific thing is what you must practice. There is little transfer of learning.
18. Whatever you are doing is the most important thing that you’re doing while you’re doing it.
19. Anyone can be average.
20. Being punctual is good in itself. However, what is more important is that your punctuality tells your teammates what you think of them.
21. Hardly any players play to lose. Only a few play to win.
22. I like passers. They can see everything.
23. The way you think affects what you see and do.
24. Rarely does a person who competes with his head as well as his body come out second. That was said even before Coach Vince Lombardi by the Greeks and the Romans, and probably by the Chinese.
25. The ability to rebound is in inverse proportion to the distance your house is from the nearest railroad tracks.



If you so desire you can read about me by clicking this link (Barry Kleiman). Coach Carril’s “25 Little Things” are more compelling!


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