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SCORE Clinic


Still several spots available for the Winter 2011- 2012 SCORE Clinics


Any coach worth his whistle will tell you that there are better and worse ways to SCORE the basketball………..                                                    We at SCORE subscribe to the footwork fundamentals of Pete Newell.

Coach Newell’s “Big Man’s Camp” remain the target of many top-name NBA pros including Antwan Jameson for one reason and one reason only……his teachings work!

They are timeless!

The video above is an out-take from some 1 on 1 work Coach Barry Kleiman was doing with former All Pac 10 and CAL star Amit Tamir as he visited during the Summer of 2010.

(In this particular sequence the focus was on flashing out to receive the basketball, getting the proper footwork to “square-up” for a shot yet have the balance to “pump fake” and use one effective dribble to SCORE an 8 foot baseline jump shot.

Coach Wooden always stated; “The eight laws of learning are explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, and repetition”. Note as Amit and Coach Barry work this one particular sequence multiple times to ingrain it in Amit’s muscle memory.

“Reps” are a huge part of our SCORE Clinics. We will teach the skill and then work on each move over and over again; critiquing, tweaking and working to get the very best from each participant.

Our goal is to provide the framework along with the repetition necessary to give credibility to the statement from Coach Vince Lombardi: “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”

This is a friendly LAST CHANCE reminder to register for the November Score Clinics that will start next week at Tice Valley and Los Cerros.

Click on the link below to register.

Athletes can sign up for one month, two months or all three months.

During the second half of each clinic, we play competitive games with emphasis on using the shooting skills we have taught.

SCORE Shooting Clinics start next week – November 2. Sessions are once a week for one month. If you register for more than one month you receive a pricing discount – $85 per month.

Register Here or download the online form and send it to

SportStrong at 2319 Apex Ct. Martinez, CA 94553.

For More Info Contact

Coach Dave See –

We hope you can join us to SCORE!

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